Posted by on July 8, 2020 
Thanks for this picture of the re-opening of the French-Spanish High-Speed Line. The 800 series TGVs are an improved version of the Dasye TGVs (700 series). They are called by Alstom RGV 2N or Euroduplex, and within SNCF, they are the TGV 2N2, with various sub-series depending on their equipments. The unit on your picture belongs to the 801-810 sub-series called TGV 2N2 3UH. The last letter, "H", means "Hispanique", because these trains carry the required systems to run in Spain. There is no DASYE allowed for Spain.
Posted by Jacobo Ruiz on July 9, 2020 
Thank you, Jean-Marc, for your comment so well documented. For a non-French it is not easy to deduce a change of the name of the 700 series to the 800 series of your TGV, when its external appearance is identical.
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