Posted by Jim Penn on August 3, 2020 
Nice shot. An in the background, don't we also see 2 ex IC SD20 units as well, in IHB paint? They are very recently retired and hopefully put back on a RR soon. An amazing SD20 shot!
Posted by Erik Rasmussen on August 3, 2020 
Those two IHB SD20's were the first to go and have been at NRE for several years. There is a fourth SD20 in this picture as well, former IAIS 102 which is two tracks up from the former DM&E 4001.
Posted by clinchfieldman on August 4, 2020 
What's that funny looking CN guy in the middle. Looks like half locomotive/half caboose!
Posted by Greg Custer on August 4, 2020 
Ex CN unit is a GMD-1
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