Posted by Kevin Madore on August 4, 2020 
LOL! In the Moedinger shot, the landscape looks like it's been through an earthquake and the locomotive looks like it's about to topple over. Of course, Bill had to scramble just to get into position to take that shot, and he didn't have a button he could push to level the image in post. :o) Seriously though, you've got a nice image here. Your shooting angle on the locomotive is actually more pleasing to the eye than the original, and the lighting on the's almost as if you had an assistant with a reflector on the guy. If it had not been for this awful pandemic, I would love to have been there. Photographers often dismiss the idea of doing museum shoots as lacking authenticity, but I have been to the CRRM and there are plenty of angles, like this one, that work pretty nicely indeed.
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