Posted by FSWood on November 16, 2020 
Have previously seen only photos of it without occupants. The end compartments are surprisingly low in relation to the people sitting inside. Would have expected the window tops to be well above shoulder height.
Posted by Peter G. Chase on November 17, 2020 
Does this qualify as a "critter"?
Posted by James Burlington on November 17, 2020 
It looks like a camper on rails.
Posted by Ringo Clark - on November 17, 2020 
Looks like a camp trailer and caboose that mated and morphed into this, pulling Junior behind them , Odd Indeed !
Posted by SES on November 23, 2020 
You know, I never could tell if this railroad was standard guage or not. If not, it must be really close like 4ft and not the usual 4ft 8.5 inches. I haven't found any info on the web verifying what guage.
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