Posted by Robert Jordan on December 19, 2020 
I really like this and statues of that era: Allegorical figure of Lady Liberty, same as on Capitol. THE TOWN TO HER SONS WHO DIED IN THE GREAT REBELLION THAT THE UNION MIGHT BE PRESERVED ---AND--- LIBERTY SECURED FOR ALL
Posted by Mitch Goldman on December 19, 2020 
I agree with Rob, above. Let's hope it does not get torn down... or explained to mean something other than the inscription states. Nice shot, Doug! A unique window of opportunity, there, with the sliver of light. Very interesting sight... and site, with the train running so close, and within the memorial site.
Posted by pierre fournier on December 20, 2020 
For a second i thought it had derailed and plowed through the park.
Posted by Lisa Ellison on December 20, 2020 
If that train is as close as it appears to the monument, I can't believe the vibration hasn't affected it. Is that a 10mph area?
Posted by Doug Boudrow on December 20, 2020 
I believe that it is all 5 mph.
Posted by Coloradorailphotographer on December 22, 2020 
What a fabulous shot!
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