Posted by SES on December 22, 2020 
What a lashup of power. My books say the Milwaukee started putting the older power on the transcontinental trains after the final 1977 bankruptcy. When they ruled to embargo Lines West, management pulled the new power back East and put the ailing GP35's, GP40's, U-boats and other older power out West to struggle up the mountains and make trains even more late as they usually had to double hills. I remember toward the end, living along the Chehalis sub, I would see interesting power combos like this and much less of the SD40-2's. (However, in the image above, the MP15AC is only a year old.) In your latest posts, I notice a lot of older power at the head end of the transcontinentals that might support this premise, assuming there were no power swaps as the trains headed East to this area.
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