Posted by Coloradorailphotographer on January 6, 2021 
Posted by Scott Cunningham on January 12, 2021 
A superb coastal shot there Chris...
Posted by Ringo Clark - on January 12, 2021 
Wonder how often this section of track is monitored for stability and erosion issues
Posted by Carl Massart on January 12, 2021 
Is that a mini-junk on the hill directly above the lead engine?
Posted by Bill Kosanda on January 12, 2021 
I remember the first time I flew my drone over water. It still makes me worry. This is an excellent photo that shows what drone photography can add to railfanning. Nicely done Chris.
Posted by Frank Keller on January 13, 2021 
Excellent shot
Posted by Matt Donnelly on January 14, 2021 
This reminds me of a lot of the marketing photos Amtrak has taken - well done!
Posted by Scott Haugland on January 16, 2021 
Yeah, it looks like squatters trashing the place right there over the lead unit. Frustrating! I could say more, but won't.
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