Posted by Carl Kulzer on January 12, 2021 
Nice winter shot Todd. Lots of atmosphere. Thanks for posting.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on January 12, 2021 
An excellent night scene not overpowered with copious amounts of artificial light. Very nice! Would you care to share the EXIF? Looks like a tough scene to capture if the train was moving, but it would sure be an odd place to stop!
Posted by Jonathan S. Spurlock on January 12, 2021 
This looks almost like a Howard Fogg painting for a Christmas card. Beautiful photo!
Posted by Ry Alford on January 13, 2021 
The fresh snow makes this photo for me. WONDERFUL!
Posted by Coloradorailphotographer on January 13, 2021 
Fabulous, the story this scene tells, awesome!
Posted by Bill Kosanda on January 14, 2021 
The technical complexity of executing this shot is what I'm intrigued by. If that train is moving at any speed at all, it would mean a relatively higher shutter speed, but since it is dark, the ISO must be high to get the exposure correct. The worst part about it is that there would be no "do overs". I could easily see myself goofing this up and coming away upset with myself. Very nice photo Todd!
Posted by Jeff Swanson on January 14, 2021 
Excellent shot Todd. (And thanks for your continued contributions to RP - They're appreciated).
Posted by Nick Hart on January 17, 2021 
Incredible photo. Makes me want to take a trip to Minnesota this winter. PCA vote.
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on January 19, 2021 
So cool, almost looks like a road bridge!
Posted by Steve Smedley on January 21, 2021 
One fantastic image Todd!
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