Posted by Alex Eve on January 13, 2021 
Has anyone ever noticed how the paint scheme on Arizona and California looks exactly like the paint scheme on these locomotives.
Posted by Franklin Adams on January 13, 2021 
Yes as well as 115 other railroads worldwide under Genesee & Wyoming ownership
Posted by Isaac Anderson on January 13, 2021 
They're all owned by the Genesee and Wyoming, so they all have their orange paint scheme but keep their names.
Posted by mtnclimberjoe on January 13, 2021 
Alex Eve This is the corporate scheme for Genesee & Wyoming, which owns both B&P and other lines, like the one you mentioned.
Posted by Ed Eaglehouse on January 13, 2021 
This is a great photo for modeling: small, busy yard with a variety of equipment. Thanks, mtnclimberjoe! The Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad is managed by Genessee & Wyoming (GWRR). They operate many shortlines all over the world, including the Arizona & California Railroad. They all use the same paint scheme, except for the lettering of course.
Posted by Nick Craven on January 13, 2021 
They look like it because they are the same. They're both part of the same company.
Posted by Alex Eve on January 14, 2021 
Thanks for the info. I might have to take a rail fan trip to one of your more close railroads. Do you own any track in Indiana? That would be nice. Let me know.
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