Posted by Ryan Hardin on February 5, 2021 
Modelers dream scene! Now if I could only get the right amount of oil, grease and sand on the ground between the tracks right! Thanks for posting.
Posted by J.PO on February 5, 2021 
Wow! What a line up. PCA
Posted by Carlyle Thompson on February 5, 2021 
And a BN box car with doors open on both sides.
Posted by Chris Kilroy on February 5, 2021 
This is fantastic!
Posted by Ryan Hardin on February 5, 2021 
Doug, if this is a scanned photo or slide? what type of scanner do you have. Very nice quality.
Posted by Jim Penn on February 5, 2021 
So cool! The 1970s oil and fuel soaked tracks and surface; probably illegal now because you don't see them anymore. The SDs "flying" over the roundhouse roof, the awesome Century Cs below!!!
Posted by Doug Lilly on February 5, 2021 
Ryan, I use a Plustek 8200i scanner and Vuescan software to scan my slides. I process the scans with Adobe Lightroom.
Posted by Ryan Hardin on February 5, 2021 
Thanks Doug, some of the best I've seen from the era. Congrats!
Posted by Entre Durmientes (Mauro C.) on February 5, 2021 
OMG !!! ... PCA for me
Posted by Lester Zmudzinski on February 5, 2021 
Early days of Conrail, quite the colorful era. Hump action at top of frame really tops the shot.
Posted by A J Erlichman on February 6, 2021 
A shot like this is what early Conrail was all about! The variety is unreal!! A CR blue C636 and ex RDG C630 on Hi-Ad trucks too!!!
Posted by John Shine on February 12, 2021 
What a Phenomenal shot!!
Posted by C.M.St.P.& P. on February 19, 2021 
The rolling stock in the foreground and the hump yard in the background really add to the overall impact of this photo. A great example of transition exemplified.
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