Posted by AZ Mike on April 11, 2021 
Luckily 781 missed the torch and is on display in Brodhead WI, not far from it's birthplace of Beloit, WI. Resting peacefully.
Posted by John McCarthy on April 11, 2021 
Tom, are you sure of the date? That appears to be an Illinois Central Gulf boxcar. There are three rows of letters on the left side of it and the rail in the logo appears to be solid, not split. That would make it ‘72 or later.
Posted by Tom Farence on April 12, 2021 
I should have noticed something was amiss myself as the FM builders plate is missing and has been replaced by a Milwaukee Road emblem ....Prior to the FM's leaving the property we had a machinist in the Milwaukee diesel house that found a market for the FM builders plates and was selling them for $50 a piece.....I wish I would have purchased one as I can only imagine what they would be worth today.....lets try 1975 for the year instead of 65....Thanks...Tom.
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