Posted by Tom Farence on April 19, 2021 
In a current day post-script, the 2-mile remainder of the former Joanna Industrial track to "Trap Rock" is now operated by Haines & Kibblehouse (HK Group), to access their Birdsboro Materials Quarry. The line south of this point was washed out by a hurricane-related flooding of Hay Creek.
Posted by Patrick McColgan on April 19, 2021 
I did a search of the engine and found a few notes saying that E7A #20B was wrecked in a 1964 crash in Kenosha, WI and scrapped at the Milwaukee shops. Perhaps this is that wreck and the date was mislabeled?
Posted by Tom Farence on April 19, 2021 
The comment above is not mine!!
Posted by C.M.St.P.& P. on April 24, 2021 
Looks like that was a cupola caboose on the right that took the hit. Would that have been crew bedding that ended up on the roof? Horrendous scene, hope there were no fatalities.
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