Posted by Peter G. Chase on April 19, 2021 
Interesting that they still need to use the cog even on seemingly flat track.
Posted by Georg TrĂ¼b on April 20, 2021 
Switzerland is, after all, the land of rack-and-pinion railroads, and there you can differentiate between them in addition to the various rack-and-pinion systems: Railroads with racks on the steepest sections only and railroads with exclusively rack-and-pinion drive. The Rigi Railway is one of these. The vehicles are driven exclusively by their cogwheels, the wheels on the rails have exclusively a carrying and guiding function, and are usually mounted freely rotating on the axles. So even on level tracks, there are rack needed.
Posted by Kibu on April 20, 2021 
The reason they need to use the cog, is typically the wheels are just free wheeling. The only actual 'power' is from the cog.
Posted by Peter G. Chase on April 25, 2021 
Thank you, Georg, I learned something new.
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