Posted by Nathan Richters on May 24, 2021 
Fascinating! I'm not sure I've ever seen that EMD windshield-ed version before. Caught my eye as soon as I saw the full-resolution image.
Posted by Andrew on May 25, 2021 
To me there are a lot of differences in the front end of these two locos. The headlight on E72 seems to protrude more, but this may be an effect of the camera position. But the front guard rail is different, a bar on one and a chain on the other.. The snow plows are a different shape and the hose connecters are on different sides.
Posted by Michael Bingen on May 28, 2021 
The Milwaukee Road E78 started out like the other "Little Joes" on the Milwaukee, but was involved in a derailment 5-23-1966. It was brought to the railroads shops in Milwaukee, WI and rebuilt with the help of 2 F-7 cabs. The quality of the shops work is well displayed.
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