Posted by Kibu on May 25, 2021 
Wasn't there a variant of of these that did away with the bo-bo-bo-bo bogies in favor of a pair of 4 axle bogies?
Posted by J Moller on May 26, 2021 
I understand this initial order of U50's used the trucks and span bolsters from retired gas turbine locomotives. The later U50C's had a pair of six-axle trucks.
Posted by SES on May 26, 2021 
A search on this site of the U50C reveals they had 6 axle wheel sets. The EMD DD40 and the EMD DD35 had the 4 axle trucks.
Posted by Bullet69 on May 26, 2021 
It was the U50C with a 6 axle configuration.
Posted by Dale Roth on May 26, 2021 
I saw the SP equivalent in San Antonio, Texas, while stationed at Fort San Houston. Was one of my favorite places to rail fan when I got off work to watch trains move thorough the train yard. Great times to be alive in 1966-67.
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