Posted by Coloradorailphotographer on May 30, 2021 
Beautiful shot.
Posted by Alex Gillman on May 31, 2021 
@Coloradorailphotographer - Thanks so much!
Posted by Hydrachuck on May 31, 2021 
Very cool story. it needed a bit of explanation for a great shot
Posted by Eric Sherrill on May 31, 2021 
Old surfer's saying "Never turn your back on the ocean!"
Posted by Dale Roth on June 1, 2021 
Nature helped make this shot a winner. Until I read your comment I couldn't figure out where those large droplets of water came from. Something you rarely see.
Posted by Ddrennenphoto on June 7, 2021 
fantastic shot! the wave kicking up your back so to speak is a great touch!
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