Posted by SES on August 24, 2021 
I sure do hope they get that old GATX #500 running again. It is former Milwaukee Road. Interesting it's been running on home rails. It's possible #500 made its break in run as a Milwaukee Road unit way back in 1973 on this line before being sent out West. It would be a shame to see this one disappear. At least #500 (former Milwaukee Road #22) is still running on this line.
Posted by SES on August 26, 2021 
Oops - typo... At least #501 ( former Milwaukee #22) is still running...
Posted by Jim Penn on August 27, 2021 
Is 1221 actually running? Any other SD-9s there?
Posted by SES on August 30, 2021 
I don't live in the area but there's a fellow that regularly films ELS trains around East Kingsford and Iron Mountain. Mainly 402 (GP38), 501(SD40-2), 502 (SD40-2)and 504 (SD40 in GN colors) are the regular runners. 600, a former Milwaukee Road F unit occasionally makes an appearance. Most of what you see here are not operating. 500 was parked within the last 18 months or so I'm guessing by the videos this fellow has posts.
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