Posted by Chase Gunnoe on September 14, 2021 
This is truly one of your best- wow.
Posted by Matt Donnelly on September 14, 2021 
This is dizzying! Wow!
Posted by Olli on September 14, 2021 
Spectacular... in the sense of this word...
Posted by Tony Willmore on September 15, 2021 
There used to be (I have no idea if it is still there) a sign on the bridge saying "No Fishing".
Posted by Hydrachuck on September 15, 2021 
Just as dazzling from the train looking up
Posted by DobR on September 21, 2021 
Posted by RajB on September 22, 2021 
Incredible shot, you should be proud of yourself.
Posted by James Sprague on September 25, 2021 
This is amazing!
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