Posted by Tracey Green on October 5, 2021 
Nice! Look at you!
Posted by SpeedShot Train Photography on October 5, 2021 
Amazing shot John ! Well done
Posted by Kyle Yunker on October 6, 2021 
Most impressive!
Posted by Coloradorailphotographer on October 6, 2021 
Posted by Dan Blink on October 10, 2021 
Excellent shot, but if the leader truly is 5120, then it is an SD70M.
Posted by James Sprague on October 13, 2021 
Amazing image!
Posted by Joel Hinkhouse on October 13, 2021 
One of my all time favorite rail photos. Simply incredible.
Posted by John Fry on October 15, 2021 
Thank you all for the very kind words! Part of what I enjoy about this "hobby" is exploring new places, its great to experience personally but also fun to share.
Posted by MaryAnn Pickering on October 16, 2021 
Masterpiece, absolutely gorgeous. Congrats!
Posted by John Shine on October 19, 2021 
Phenomenal shot! The best of the Arch that I have seen by far!!
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