Posted by Jeff Sell on November 10, 2021 
Wow...the GP9 looks great in her PRR Brunswick Green!
Posted by Jeff Sell on November 10, 2021 
When Conrail placed the GP9 at the 'Curve' back in the mid 1980's, there was still some faint Conrail blue showing through her paint. She certainly looks good now.
Posted by mmi16 on November 10, 2021 
Brunswick Green is 1 part Kelly Green to 100 parts Coal Black
Posted by Jeff Swanson on November 11, 2021 
Kudos to those who dedicated the $ and manpower to accomplish this task. It was so disheartening to watch her fade into the elements like so many others who fall to neglect over time. And thanks for updating this Timothy, very cool.
Posted by Carl Massart on November 11, 2021 
How long ago did the SD ACU's take over helper service? I was on the east slope Monday and saw them on two coal drags. That was the first I noticed the SD40's missing. On a side note, the Railroad Park needs to cut more brush down for better photo angles. People do travel great distances to see Horseshoe Curve and should expect no less! I know railfans would volunteer to help out.
Posted by Alex Eve on November 11, 2021 
It looks so much better.
Posted by Timothy E. Pavlic II on November 11, 2021 
@Carl -- The ACus took over helper duty 2 or so years ago, and the SD40E fleet has been dispersed across the NS system. As for the brush, it was just cut down 4 or so years ago. The regrowth isn't terrible yet, and I'm not sure what the museum's new leadership has up its sleeve in terms of keeping it under control. The last time required a grant, and permission from both NS and the Altoona Water Authority to cut the trees down, and there's no telling if they'll be cooperative in the future.
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