Posted by pierre fournier on November 19, 2021 
One of thé Best i saw in RP in 17 years.
Posted by Coloradorailphotographer on November 20, 2021 
Thank you kindly
Posted by Carl Kulzer on November 23, 2021 
What a beautiful scenic shot Colorado. When I first viewed this image I thought it was Mike Danneman. You are an excellent photographer keep up the Best work. Happy holidays, and best regards.
Posted by Coloradorailphotographer on November 23, 2021 
Thank you kindly Carl, I simply follow in Mike’s footsteps; he is a master of our craft and long time idol for me. I am humbled and honored you compared anything I produce to Mike. And a special thanks to the community here on railpictures for the generous opportunity to share and be featured as a photo of the week. -Erik
Posted by Kevin Karajz on November 24, 2021 
Wow, CRP - what a stunning "train-in-a-snowglobe" image you have captured here. My new Christmas screensaver came early this year.
Posted by Dale Roth on November 24, 2021 
A Winter Wonderland Photo - Marry Christmas
Posted by BUFFIE on November 24, 2021 
Great shot! Congrats on Photo of the Week!
Posted by Randy on November 26, 2021 
Just saw your photo, and I completely agree with Carl. You take consistently stunning photos for your collection. Great work.
Posted by Kudl on November 28, 2021 
Hello, Its wonderful, a winter wonderland Greatings from Hamburg, Germany Kudl
Posted by Coloradorailphotographer on December 4, 2021 
Thank you kindly fellas, I am much obliged to share with you all! Happy Holidays
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