Posted by Mitch Goldman on November 21, 2021 
Well heck, look at the brighter white light in the building on the left... that must be one of them there new fangled General Electric fluorescent light bulbs! Wild take and shot from the EBT, Dennis.

And as for the fluorescent light bulb... According to The GE Fluorescent Lamp Pioneers, "On Oct 14, 1941, U.S. Patent No. 2,259,040 was issued to George E. Inman; the filing date was Apr 22, 1936. It has generally been regarded as the foundation patent. However, some companies were working on the lamp at the same time as GE, and some individuals had already filed for patents. GE strengthened its position when it purchased a German patent that preceded Inman's. GE paid $180,000 for U.S. Patent No 2,182,732 that had been issued to Friedrich Meyer, Hans J. Spanner, and Edmund Germer. While one might argue the real inventor of the fluorescent lamp, it is clear that GE was the first to introduce it." - the more you know!

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