Posted by Preacher on January 6, 2022 
Great photo and a great write-up with the history of the trestle. I've spent some time in the Snoqualmie area but never quite made it to Bellingham. It is beautiful up there. Sounds like I'll never get a chance to see this one in person.
Posted by Casey Veranth on January 15, 2022 
Thank you for posting this photo and info. I made an image of it about 25 years ago that is the centerpiece of my office (drove all the way up to it yesterday after reading your post, was a good excuse to follow a coal drag and the Conway south anyways). For anyone who wants to see it, you can view it from river level or also deck level on its west end by following the trails east from the parking lot of Whatcom Falls Park, crossing the creek at the hatchery.
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