Posted by Greg MacLeod on January 6, 2022 
What a spectacular photo! Given the circumstances, I'm guessing you were one of the very few people seeing this entire situation from such a positive perspective!
Posted by Coloradorailphotographer on January 6, 2022 
Posted by Coloradorailphotographer on January 6, 2022 
I am sure glad you got stuck on I70 =)
Posted by Andy Leffler on January 6, 2022 
Tremendous photo and story. Thank you for sharing!
Posted by Bill Marvel on January 6, 2022 
Gorgeous example of the opportunity and the eye coming together. (I use to explore caves in that canyon.)
Posted by PhantomRailfan on January 7, 2022 
A beautiful shot with the mountains! Well done!
Posted by Dan I. on January 7, 2022 
This an excellent photo showing the mountains, scenery, the Interstate, the river, and the railroad all at night.
Posted by Chase Gunnoe on January 8, 2022 
Absolutely gorgeous- and great to see your name on RP again, Nick! Please keep 'em coming and Happy New Year. This is one to be proud of.
Posted by John Shine on January 9, 2022 
Insanely Incredible shot!
Posted by Joshua Jankus on January 12, 2022 
Posted by bradley on January 12, 2022 
Incredible, and the story to go with it! PCA vote
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