Posted by Jeff Sell on January 28, 2022 
It's too bad that Baldwin didn't get out of building steam locomotives and become more aggressive building diesels sooner back in the transition time period between steam and diesels. Perhaps they might still be around if they did. However, Baldwin thought steam would be around longer than it was and favored the steam locomotive building business instead of diesels. Throughout PRR's history, the PRR was always a frequent Baldwin customer and would have most likely bought whatever diesels they made. Now, Baldwin is no more. Nice photo of Baldwin shark nose diesels and thanks for sharing.
Posted by Rick Erben on January 28, 2022 
This is the shot of the day, er week, er month! And a lovely photo at that. Only thing better would be to hear them working upgrade. Still don't know whether I like the five stripe or single stripe scheme but at this far removed date either seems outstanding. Glad to see John's name here, once more.
Posted by Carl Kulzer on January 29, 2022 
John you were always in the right place at the right time. Great shot and I pick the 5 Stripes. Thanks for posting and best regards,
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