Posted by Rick Erben on February 6, 2022 
Hey, same year I was delivered. I remember these locomotives in pusher service about the same time as this photo, shoving westbounds out of Philadelphia along the Main Line. You could hear them for miles at night with their distinctive sound.
Posted by Jim Penn on February 6, 2022 
Great find!
Posted by Carl Kulzer on February 6, 2022 
Great historic shot John. I read that these huge Baldwins had several prime movers , but were not reliable. I wish I had railfanned back then, as I was 20 in 1957. Thanks for posting, and best egards.
Posted by Sid Vaught on February 10, 2022 
At a time when many photographers refused to shoot diesels John recognized that they were interesting and there time deserved a record in posterity. Terrific stuff.
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