Posted by Alex Eve on March 16, 2022 
Dang, those are some sharp looking units.
Posted by Carl Massart on March 16, 2022 
What does the I stand for in SD70IAC?
Posted by Grew up on the CW on March 16, 2022 
3 Shiny clean NS Locos, a rare sight unfortunately. If only NS would cycle their loco's thru the wash bay .... first impression/image goes a long way.
Posted by Donald Faris on March 16, 2022 
I can smell that fresh paint glad you caught them I missed them coming through
Posted by William Duvall on March 16, 2022 
SD standing for Special Duty, 70 standing for 70 series, and IAC standing for Individual Axle Control. They are still classified as SD70ACe by Norfolk Southern.
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