Posted by Jeff Sell on April 27, 2022 
Nice photo. I sure do like seeing the freight consist tied to drawbar (I think it looks better than passenger cars).
Posted by Scott Markloff on April 27, 2022 
Beautiful locomotive and great job restoring it. Great catch on the photo too. PCA from me.
Posted by Coloradorailphotographer on April 28, 2022 
Posted by Sid Vaught on May 1, 2022 
I think tourist rail operations are realizing that most of us like to ride steam trains but we love to photograph them. I like the charters but I’d like to see something along the lines of Europe’s “plandampf” trains. Another idea I think would work is having a small train of fiftyish-era cars, which can be used for freights, maybe even leased out when not being used used. Twenty should be enough. Now if only we could have some fake friction bearings boxes.
Posted by Bhupendra Mistry on May 15, 2022 
Beautiful Photography & nice location. Thanks Marc for sharing .
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