Posted by Craig Walker on May 11, 2022 
Do you ever take a bad photograph, Mr. L? Yet another amazingly beautiful photo from you!
Posted by John West on May 11, 2022 
Very very nice
Posted by Coloradorailphotographer on May 11, 2022 
Hey thanks Craig, and thank you for the opportunity to share with you all. It's a privilege.
Posted by Steve on May 11, 2022 
I have traveled on the Zephyr several times and I always enjoy the view of the city after leaving Denver in the morning! Thanks for posting this.
Posted by SpeedShot Train Photography on May 12, 2022 
Excellent photo !
Posted by Kelly Lynch on May 14, 2022 
Absolutely stunning.
Posted by Kevin Madore on May 17, 2022 
Congrats on PoTW! That is a pretty shot. I love sunrise and sunset backlight.
Posted by BUFFIE on May 17, 2022 
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