Posted by Jeff Sell on August 30, 2022 
Wow...from the amount of road grime and discoloration on #1309 since she was restored a short time ago, I would say the WMSR is getting their money's worth out of the big mallet! Nice photo - and I think the well used appearance makes her look neat just like it was the 1950's again.
Posted by Dave Redmann on August 30, 2022 
Nice shot: in action, good angle, good lighting, good view of the drive wheels and rods, and decent size (people, PLEASE post at the maximum 1600x1200 pixels, not smaller). This may be the best shot, or at least the best wedgie, of C&O 1309 in the RPN database. Now if somebody can get and post a similar shot with the camera at a height roughly between the drive wheel axles and the tops of the drive wheels, and maybe with 1309 filling a bit more of the frame, it would be much appreciated.
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