Posted by Patrick McColgan on November 10, 2022 
Not only is this the first picture of a Y3 in ATSF service here on railpictures, it's also a pretty rare catch overall as ATSF received these engines in 1943 and ditched them soon after the war ended. Thank you for sharing George!
Posted by Dave Redmann on November 11, 2022 
When I first looked at the photo, I thought the 2-8-8-2 looked a lot like N&W's Ys. Then I seemed to recall that N&W leased out some of them. Then the comment confirmed. Then some quick research. This is indeed one of the most interesting historic photos I've found on RPN. Thanks for sharing! Now: with UP 4014 and C&O 1309 running again, maybe some eccentric billionaire can fund getting N&W 2156 (a Y6a 2-8-8-2) running again and we can triple-head them somewhere.
Posted by TrevyrS on November 28, 2022 
Indeed it is from the N&W. N&W made all of their steam locomotives contrasting to other railroads who ordered them from 3rd party companies. Because of this, when the war broke out, many railroads ordered locomotives to keep up with the troop and supply transport and thus, resulted in a bit of a locomotive shortage. Since N&W made their locomotives, they had a bunch of other extras that they leased to ATSF, which is displayed in this picture. An awesome catch-thanks for sharing!!
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