Posted by Joe Vittitoe on December 20, 2022 
I'm not a train wreck photo fan but this sure looks like something on some one's model train layout. Hope nobody was hurt.
Posted by Troy Staten on December 20, 2022 
Wow, what a mess. Thanks for showing us this neat photo.
Posted by John McCarthy on December 20, 2022 
How did the bridge beam come to be in the path of the train? Was the train “off-roading”?
Posted by Erick Anderson on December 20, 2022 
Must have punctured at least one fuel tank, going by the rainbow sheen in the creek.
Posted by Ringo Clark - on December 20, 2022 
Hope the Crew OK ! Is that Diesel Spillage in the creek ?
Posted by bradley on December 20, 2022 
Video of this happening on YT. Unreal. Good news is, report said no serious injuries
Posted by Jeff Nehring on December 21, 2022 
There is video of the impact itself on the web
Posted by Dale Roth on December 21, 2022 
There's a video on You Tube showing the train hitting the large concrete I-beam. Nasty wreck.
Posted by Mark Pappalardo on December 21, 2022 
Someone captured a video of the grade crossing collision. The only thing that worked in the crew's favor was that the bridge beam was concrete.
Posted by WRRSfan4271 on December 21, 2022 
It punctured 4067's fuel tank, and I noticed that the frame might be damaged (GAME OVER for that locomotive I guess). The rails were bent by that concrete load
Posted by Andrew on December 23, 2022 
The video of this is on the B.B.C. website. Would a long truck load like that not have needed an escort who could have made sure he did not obstruct the track?
Posted by NorthernTXRailfan on January 3, 2023 
Ouch, I saw the video of this. 4067 looks probably done for.
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