Posted by Dale Roth on December 31, 2022 
And there sits 6 million dollars worth of locomotives that are not producing for the owners. I wonder if the truck driver who wrongfully drove into the path of this train will be sued, or perhaps lose his drivers license. From overhead views the road he was on is a straight shot across the crossing. What took him so long to cross that he didn't gun the truck to get out of its way.
Posted by David Meyer on December 31, 2022 
After watching the collision, its amazing how this locomotive held up, and that the crew survived.
Posted by NorthernTXRailfan on January 4, 2023 
Dale - I can agree with you. He should've gunned it so he could get out of the way. Possibly a traffic light, or something was in the way though, I couldn't tell.
Posted by NorthernTXRailfan on January 4, 2023 
The driver informed officials that he was "apparently" waiting for the light to turn green, when he should've gunned it BEFORE the gates were down all the way.
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