Posted by J Moller on March 4, 2023 
I'll guess that the units had hostler controls on one side allowing a roundhouse worker to move them around at low speeds even when not coupled to a unit with a cab. It appears the window is different, suggesting it could be opened so the hostler could lean out the window to observe movement.
Posted by Donald Ward on March 4, 2023 
by the looks of the window it seems to open in must have controls in that location to move the unit by it self ..just saying could be wrong
Posted by CSSHEGEWISCH on March 4, 2023 
The fifth porthole indicated that the booster was equipped with a hostler control.
Posted by GEORGE M. STUPAR on March 4, 2023 
Thanks Gents, for the informative comments.
Posted by Art House on March 5, 2023 
Another section following....
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