Posted by Alex Eve on May 11, 2023 
Looking good. I love that CSX is getting into the heritage game. Apperently this is number one of 20 heritage units being painted for them.
Posted by Hooligan Rail Photography on May 11, 2023 
Posted by Dana M. on May 11, 2023 
Casey - Love your photos... and I know you are technically the "official" photographer for NS, you capture railroading in such interesting ways. It's about freakin' time that CSXT joined the "Heritage Fleet" bandwagon, and I can see from this example it was well worth the wait. I actually like the "fade" from the current CSXT scheme on the cab into the heritage scheme on the long hood... however, I wonder what that will look like on subsequent locos, like the Chessie System, Western Maryland (if they decide to go with the Fireball or 'Circus' scheme). It will be interesting to see, but I REALLY want to see "Chessie" back on a locomotive.
Posted by D R Walker on May 11, 2023 
I hope they include an Atlantic Coast Line heritage unit.
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