Posted by Gregory Weirich on November 2, 2004 
They were most likely equipped with autostart which shuts units down after 10 minutes. Cool shot.
Posted by John Witthaus on November 2, 2004 
I can see the NS C40-9 having the "autostart" feature, it being a newer locomotive, but the second unit (CSX) was either a late production SD40, or an early SD40-2 (was too dark, and I wasn't close enough to get a good look to see if the trucks were Flexicoil or HT-C) and it was also offline. Also, as you can see there were no exterior lights, or interior ones for that matter, that were on, does autostart also shut off the lighting system?
Posted by N691LF on November 5, 2004 
This train was already two days old out of North Little Rock, and was not recrewed until the morning after this picture was taken. It took three days to go from NL to STL. Perhaps UP just shut them down knowing the train was not moving soon. One heck of a great shot, too, John, one of my favorites of yours!
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