Posted by Ry Alford on August 29, 2023 
Posted by Ringo Clark - on August 29, 2023 
As I scrolled down , at first I thought it was a couple of GEs belching Flames
Posted by Jeff Sell on August 29, 2023 
Nice photo. Interesting....a huge train load of coal (flammable material) moving past a raging fire (ignition source)!
Posted by mmi16 on August 29, 2023 
First two cars may be coal - the extended car sides on the rest of the cars make me think they are loaded with coke, which is much lighter than coal and needs more cubic volume in order to 'weigh out'.
Posted by Shawn M Peter on August 30, 2023 
When notified, most railroads stop operation when there is an active fire that close to the tracks. That is an unsafe condition that I'm guessing the NS was unaware of until the train passed by.
Posted by Pete Greischar on August 31, 2023 
Too bad for the old building. Wondering where the fire department is.....
Posted by R40_Slant_Fan on September 1, 2023 
Seems like controlled fire.
Posted by Jeff Swanson on September 5, 2023 
Being a former firefighter myself, a 'controlled' burn would normally have all sides of the structure covered with spread protection. I see NO indication of fire suppression ANY place in this photo. Have they not arrived yet? if not there's something very wrong with this situation. Any follow-up for us Billy? Good catch though.
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