Posted by Steve on March 25, 2024 
I like this picture, it makes me think of riding on the Hiawatha in to Union Station and clattering over the four tracks that serve the Ogilvie Transportation Center.
Posted by XE-50W on March 26, 2024 
Tower A2 was originally CMStP&P/MILW, to METRA predecessor RTA c.mid-1978. Four-track main running tangent along Rt.-center was C&NW, originally G&CU from 1848. Crossing three tracks from upper-Rt. to lower-Lt. (? 1 main occupied-by METRA W/b, station stop out-of-frame to Lt.) originally M&StP in 1873 to CM&StP in 1874.
Posted by Carl Massart on March 28, 2024 
Can someone confirm if the frogs are switchable also? Cool location!
Posted by XE-50W on March 29, 2024 
Good question, Carl – crossings’ angle is or exceeds 15° and frogs lack adjacent motors and/or mechanisms so do indeed appear to be standard ?fixed” types. METRA MILW-N main No. 3 (nearest to drone position when original image taken) has ?double-slip” switches installed by METRA c.1984 as part-of replacing former C&NW terminal w/current Oglvie Transportation Center. They’re primarily used as crossovers between METRA-NW W mains for movements from/to former C&NW Western Ave. yard behind drone’s position. Also provide ?flexibility” in moving equipment between latter and former CMStP&P/MILW Western Ave. facility w/in ¼ mi. to Lt./NW. It is a terrific view of a well-known Chicago rails’ locale – tower’s scheduled to be replaced w/automatic interlocking by 2017 as part-of final stages in current CREATE program.
Posted by Erick Anderson on April 15, 2024 
Some of the diamonds behind the row of double slips appear to have movable-point frogs.
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