Posted by Carl Kulzer on June 26, 2024 
Nice shot David. Looks like they ran the power thru the washer for you you., they look freshly painted.
Posted by xBNSFer on July 7, 2024 
Those look like ES44AC rebuilds or "credit units," as opposed to new "Tier 4" units. They don't have the new Tier 4 type radiator "cab" (expanded in height and probably length) nor the matching bumped up exhaust stack hood portion. Check this image for a back-to-back of the "Tier 4" style vs. this style.
Posted by NorthTexasRailfan on July 10, 2024 
I believe those are supposed to be ES44AC rebuilds. But instead of the 4 traction motors (as stated), all axles are now fitted with them.
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