Posted by Christian Base on January 31, 2005 
Nice shot Paul! I'll take an RDC and a P42! CB
Posted by CPRchris on January 31, 2005 
Beautiful, I'll take the F40PH-2 and those former WSJR/ex VIA, ex CN cars in the old CN inspired paint scheme ! Lately we've gotten alot of sun here around Toronto Paul, and the shots turn out beautiful with the snow and blue skies !
Posted by M.Patterson on February 18, 2005 
nice pic, i have family that lives on islington, i see this yard everytime I visit from Chicago. with that said id like to have the two ex. Chicago Metra DD cars still painted in the RTA paint scheme, I wonder why VIA wants them?
Posted by Kenster1025 on February 9, 2007 
I like the Budd; too bad I can't see it operating over the Bayview Viaduct
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