Posted by Guilford RailFan on February 28, 2005 
Wow, I dont know what too say. I guess its the dump trucks drivers own fault for running the gates.
Posted by Warren on February 28, 2005 
Any word on the crew of this train? I hope they made it out ok.
Posted by Bob Pickering (BP) on February 28, 2005 
Crew got banged up but are reported OK. - BP
Posted by on March 1, 2005 
It's the idiots, the world loves them. The more the world loves them, the more they keep doing the stuff they do. I don't think anyone needs a PH.D to figure this out. Some will never learn from his or her own mistakes.
Posted by TheFireman on March 1, 2005 
Hey, it's folks like him that keeps me in a great job. Were his last words, "hey y'all, watch this". You can't legislate stupidity.
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