Posted by John Chanitz on April 8, 2005 
I'd like to see what they used to pull this, & how did they turn a corner??????????
Posted by Erik Gustafson on July 13, 2005 
Awesome photo...unfortunately i was unable to see the move (stupid colds) my father took some wonderful pictures.
Posted by RailfanAlex on March 19, 2006 
Not sure if this is what the Austalians meant by "Road Train"!!! Steering this thing was done manually with chains by tightening and untightening.
Posted by Scott Locker on June 28, 2006 
haven't seen them do this before. cant wait to see one of these bigboys restored and on the road
Posted by Dillon Stokes on October 20, 2008 
Look very carefully. It seems that there is a set of airhorns on the front deck!
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