Posted by Raśl on March 20, 2005 
hummm, the letters are different than BNSF 7687 and very nice shot!!
Posted by Joseph LeMay on March 20, 2005 
How do you like YOUR H3? Yellow or black? :-P I prefer black, but nice shot Shane.
Posted by Tim Stevens on March 20, 2005 
Yellow looks much better!
Posted by david jr on March 21, 2005 
nice shot, you have just selected my new background.... keep it up
Posted by Richard Whitenight on March 23, 2005 
Does the GEVO consist of that altered exhaust hood in the back?
Posted by BNSFrailfan. on March 25, 2005 
Now I truly like that alot. BNSFrailfan.
Posted by Mike Bjork on March 27, 2005 
That yellow is so much nicer. Awesome setting for an awsome shot!
Posted by Edward P. Sarber on June 14, 2006 
A great shot of a awesome one of a kind! One of my favorite units on the BNSF system!
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