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Below is a collection of personal photo albums created by the members and users of RailPictures.Net

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Special Paints

By: Steven Mckay
Album Views: 4,786
Photos of Special paint schemes including anniversary units, heritage units and more. Also includes special trains such as Christmas trains I have photographed.
Stormy Trains

By: MaryAnn Norvik
Album Views: 4,778
Trains in storms
It's a circus out there!

By: Joseph C. Hinson
Album Views: 4,777
Neat circus train shots from North America!
Office Car Special

By: John Sesonske
Album Views: 4,768
Various OCS trains and passenger specials
Chile - Museo Ferrovario Pablo Neruda and Valdiviano

By: John Russell
Album Views: 4,754
Amtrak's Unique Equipment

By: Daniel Gibson
Album Views: 4,749
Photo's featuring the one-of-a-kind cars on Amtrak roster.
Peru - Peru Rail and SPCC

By: John Russell
Album Views: 4,740

By: Jon Wright
Album Views: 4,733
My collection of photos of the short line railroad's Virginia Division.

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 4,731
Interesting trackage

By: Colin N. Dell
Album Views: 4,723
Photos that show details on railroad trackage or tracks that are in a way unusual.

By: Ken Paul
Album Views: 4,716
Virginia & Truckee

By: Kevin Madore
Album Views: 4,713
Images from the reconstructed Virginia City Branch as well as a look at some of the surviving locomotives of the original V&T
Trains and Plains

By: Michael
Album Views: 4,700

By: Craig Walker
Album Views: 4,693
The icons that give identity to the various railroads ...
Spectacular Spot of the World: Infiernillo viaduct, Peru

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 4,686
A spectacular site viewed from all sides
ALCOs of New York

By: Lester Zmudzinski
Album Views: 4,685
New York state has the largest number of ALCO diesel locomotives working in everyday service. Here are some of them. Soon I hope to chronicle all of them.
Brasil - EF Dona Teresa Cristina

By: John Russell
Album Views: 4,639
Super Power

By: Hiawatha Pete
Album Views: 4,639
A photo essay on big steam in North America
Big MACs

By: Will Jordan
Album Views: 4,637
Various shots of SD70, 80, and 90MACs.

By: ydn8701
Album Views: 4,637
Wilson's Bridges

By: Chris Wilson
Album Views: 4,611
If you can't go around it, go over!
5 Days in October

By: Kevin Madore
Album Views: 4,569
Highlights of the Lerro Productions/FarRails Tours charter on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
CSX Montreal Subdivision

By: Joe Hance
Album Views: 4,558
Photos from the CSX Montreal Subdivision, past and present.
Trains and Baseball

By: Ronnie Schnepf
Album Views: 4,558
When railroads meet America's pastime
BNSF's Northern Transcon

By: Imre Incze
Album Views: 4,557
BNSF's Northern Transcon
Trains on Bridges - Wisconsin

By: Ellis Simon
Album Views: 4,553
Heritage units and special paint schemes

By: Robby Gragg
Album Views: 4,550
Photos I have taken of various diesels in heritage or specially painted paint schemes.
Trains on Bridges - North Carolina

By: Ellis Simon
Album Views: 4,534
TEE - Trans Europ Express

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 4,518
The crack passenger trains in Europe before the high speed era (1956-1080's). They were day 1st class only trains, and seat reservation was compulsory, quite a distinctive feature at a time when one could board most trains without a reserved seat or bed.
Australia - Queensland Rail Heritage

By: John Russell
Album Views: 4,506
Santa Fe - All the Way

By: Hiawatha Pete
Album Views: 4,489
A photo essay on passenger & freight service along the route of the Santa Fe Railway during the ATSF, Amtrak & BNSF eras

By: Reginald T. McDowell
Album Views: 4,480
My shots and some of my favorites from the event held at Spencer, NC, from May 29 - June 1. Also featuring some of my favorites of Streamliners throughout the world.
Trains on Bridges - Washington

By: Ellis Simon
Album Views: 4,472
To Puget Sound - Electrified

By: Hiawatha Pete
Album Views: 4,450
A photo essay on the Milwaukee Road's Pacific Coast Extension, featuring all 5 types of Milwaukee Road electric locomotives
Vehicles on rail

By: Florin Moldovan
Album Views: 4,431
Vehicles on rail
Canada out west

By: Joshua H.
Album Views: 4,428
Trains in western Canada
Bilevel trains

By: Florin Moldovan
Album Views: 4,423
Trains of my Younger Years

By: Bob Pickering (BP)
Album Views: 4,419
Pictures of trains from the Boston area and Florida when I was younger, things that I remember but did not have a good camera to capture.
UP's Scenic Ayer Subdivision

By: Sean Kelly
Album Views: 4,403
A collection of my and others' photos on the Ayer Sub from Spokane, WA to Hinkle, OR.
Aerial Shots

By: Jim Johnston
Album Views: 4,392
Aerial photographs of railroads.
My personal favorites

By: CoreyCoen
Album Views: 4,388
Just my personal favorite photos.
Classic Diesels

By: David Rohdenburg
Album Views: 4,388
Photos featuring classic 1st and 2nd generation diesels, both rebuilt and unrebuilt.
Subways / Underground

By: MaryAnn Norvik
Album Views: 4,385
Deep underground.
GE Dash 7s

By: Joseph C. Hinson
Album Views: 4,383
My favorite photos I have seen on RP of these classic locomotives.
East Broad Top

By: ollie
Album Views: 4,356
Interstate Heritage

By: Lee A. Lovern
Album Views: 4,355

By: Bruce
Album Views: 4,353
My favorite trains
Modeling the BCR's Tumbler Ridge Line.

By: corvette
Album Views: 4,351
Modeling the Tumbler Ridge Line can be hard but these pictures make it a lot easier thanks to all that uploaded.
WC north of the border

By: Chuck Schwesinger
Album Views: 4,335
WC freight and passenger action on the former Algoma Central.
Railroads in Virginia

By: Jonah
Album Views: 4,321
Great photos from the State of Virginia

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