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Brand New Equipment

By: Caleb Keefer
Album Views: 22,451
This is as clean as they're gonna get, whether straight from the factory or a fresh rebuild.

By: ollie
Album Views: 22,392
In for repairs
Rail in East Germany

By: J Neu, Berlin
Album Views: 22,352
Mostly Steam

By: J Neu, Berlin
Album Views: 22,217
Narrow-gauge in Europe
Female Photogs

By: Emily Moser / HarlemLine.com
Album Views: 22,017
We're not just here to be the "girls, girls, girls" in your shots! Females of RailPictures are behind the lens too.

By: ollie
Album Views: 21,993

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 21,991

By: Hunter Williams
Album Views: 21,972
Rad landscapes in the Centennial State!
Train Passion

By: Senna Forever
Album Views: 21,787
With Passion for trains and special creations on rails.

By: Pete Greischar
Album Views: 21,760
abandoned track, signals, depots, etc.
Deutsche Bundesbahn - Rail in Western Germany

By: J Neu, Berlin
Album Views: 21,727
The seventies - and a little bit more.
Black & White at best

By: Renaud Chodkowski
Album Views: 21,622
Who said black & white has to be used to give a vintage look at train pictures? Discover a selection of Black & White pictures about contemporary subject. Monochrome is not dead!
Rolling Stock

By: David H
Album Views: 21,292
Rolling Stock related photos
Pacific Northwest

By: CNW_TC400
Album Views: 21,052
Gandy Dancers, Maintainance of Way, Other Workers

By: partneylr777
Album Views: 21,030
A tribute of appreciation to the workers who maintain the track, keeping our railways in shape regardless of weather and danger, and keeping them running effeciently.

By: mattkdettman
Album Views: 20,960
where tracks come together and form connections of the most mesmerizing sort
South African Gems

By: SAR Connecta
Album Views: 20,920
My favourite South African photos on RP.
Round Noses

By: LeeK
Album Views: 20,848
Communter Juice!

By: Bob Pickering (BP)
Album Views: 20,818
LIRR, CDOT, MN and other juice powered MU's plus a few other things...stuff like that!
Amtrak's Empire Builder

By: Brian Kays
Album Views: 20,727
Photos of Amtrak's northern U.S. long distance train the Empire Builder from Seattle/Portland to Chicago. Westbound Train #7 (27-Portland section, 807-Chicago to St. Paul) & Eastbound Train #8 (28-Seattle section, 808-St. Paul to Chicago)

By: ollie
Album Views: 20,687
My hometown.
Best of Black & White

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 20,374
Diesel Smoke

By: ollie
Album Views: 20,355
Diesels can smoke too.

By: mattkdettman
Album Views: 20,297
Depots, Stations and Terminals

By: Craig Walker
Album Views: 20,210
Railroad stations come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and this album will attempt to catalog these.
The Appalachia and Mid-Atlantic area's best pix

By: David H
Album Views: 19,909
Some of my favorite pictures taken in TN,VA,NC,MD,WV,GA,And SC
Famous Electrics: the Swiss Crocodiles

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 19,848
The classic and classy electric "Crocodiles" of the Swiss SBB-CFF. They are the real ones that deserve the Crocodile nickname Krokodil in German.

By: Aaron Keller
Album Views: 19,765
This album seeks to portray classic New England and Upstate New York imagery. It showcases the most perfect examples of regional identity, with special attention to structures and landscape.
1950s and 1960s virginia

By: earl thomas jr
Album Views: 19,614
just as the 1970s were a good era in virginia railroading, the 1950s and 1960s were just as colorful as the 1970s were. this a tribute to the days of simple railroading and why it served as a basis of what it is today.

By: ollie
Album Views: 19,527
French Steam: 141R

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 19,415

By: mattkdettman
Album Views: 19,410
Extreme complexity

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 19,292
Classic Signals

By: Peter Lewis
Album Views: 19,276
A collection of exceptional photos of classic wayside signals.
SD70/80ACe's and SD70M-2's of interest

By: corvette
Album Views: 19,267
also a few SD90MACH-II's may make their way into this album. Interest meaning Specifications, paint, rarity or brand new. Things like that
Lenny's Favorite Train Photos

By: Lenny Fries
Album Views: 19,258
My personal selection of excellent train photos I like! :>)

By: Edward Hickson
Album Views: 19,009
Astonishing Images

By: Mitch Goldman
Album Views: 18,998
Dramatic Images
Whoa! Talk about luck!

By: Bob Pickering (BP)
Album Views: 18,957
A collection of those lucky shots where you just happen to be in the right place at the right time.
Electro Motive Division

By: ME Rail Road
Album Views: 18,939
GP-9, E7A, E8A, E9A, F3A/B, F7A/B, F9A/B, FP9A
Special Railway Pictures

By: Pete Boor
Album Views: 18,896

By: Janusz Mrozek
Album Views: 18,856
Shots with a caboose prominently featured.

By: ollie
Album Views: 18,843
My favorite diesel model

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 18,447
Hall of Fame Photographs

By: Steve Schmollinger
Album Views: 18,308
Photos by some of the best railroad still photographers in North America. These photographers must have a significant impact on the art form and have been shooting (or shot in the past) for at least 10 years.
People Love Trains

By: ollie
Album Views: 18,290
The Bridge Line

By: Michael William Sullivan
Album Views: 18,241
This gallery contains photos of equipment and properties that became, were and used to be part of the Delaware & Hudson Railway. This gallery also contains photos of equipment paying tribute to the D&H or its predecessors.
Canadian National Railway

By: David Ashley
Album Views: 18,208
Photos of CN action
GM/EMD's in Australia

By: mark woody
Album Views: 18,171
A Cut Above: My Very Favorites

By: Peter Lewis
Album Views: 18,046
The best few hundred photos in the database.

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