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People and trains

By: ollie
Album Views: 7,073
Trains in everyday (usually) situations

By: Ryan Hartrick
Album Views: 7,065

By: JM Daubner
Album Views: 7,063
Favorite photos of Rock ,mines,pits and quarrys ,and rail equipment for them

By: icr
Album Views: 7,049

By: ollie
Album Views: 6,993
Chile - Museo Ferrovario Pablo Neruda and Valdiviano

By: John Russell
Album Views: 6,981

By: Mitch Goldman
Album Views: 6,967
Effective steam train nose portraits
Postal trains

By: Daniel Minaca
Album Views: 6,949
Postal trains or post office/mail service cars in a train...

By: Caleb Keefer
Album Views: 6,943
Old equipment that has either survived to work in modern railroading, or has been given a new lease on life.
Spezielle pics

By: mibaone
Album Views: 6,931
Besondere Sichtweisen
Norfolk & Western Diesels

By: Lee A. Lovern
Album Views: 6,923
Visitors and Rent-a-Wrecks in the Empire State

By: David Ashley
Album Views: 6,913
Photos of foreign power and Leasers who happen to of made some rounds in New York State.
One Green, One Red

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 6,894
Train vs. Nature

By: Reginald T. McDowell
Album Views: 6,884
Shots taken in not-so-perfect conditions.
Spectacular Spot of the World: Socompa Pass

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 6,883
Crossing the Andes at the Argentina-Chile border, with the tourist train to the clouds "Tren a las Nubes" on the Argentina side
The Trains Of The D&H North End.

By: David Ashley
Album Views: 6,883
Photos from the former Delaware & Hudson Canadian Main Line, now part of the Canadian Pacific Railway, Between Albany, New York and Montreal, Quebec.
Scenic Views

By: JM Daubner
Album Views: 6,882
Wilson's Bridges

By: Chris Wilson
Album Views: 6,860
If you can't go around it, go over!
Tier IV Compliant

By: John Westfield
Album Views: 6,856
Tier IV locomotives are the safest, cleanest, and most fuel efficient locomotives on the rails today.
Sishen - Saldanha Ore Line

By: Fanie Kleynhans
Album Views: 6,833
Photos taken on the 861km line between Sishen in the Northern Cape and Saldanha on the West Coast.
CSX Huntington Division

By: Ryan Lewis
Album Views: 6,821
Pictures I have taken along the CSX Huntington Division.
Wisconsin Central

By: Chessiefan2
Album Views: 6,797
All things Wisconsin Central Related
CSX Baltimore Terminal Subdivision

By: Andrew Ordun
Album Views: 6,784

By: Kevin Madore
Album Views: 6,744
Images of an operational, 1875-vintage, wood-burning, narrow-gauge 4-4-0
Wrecks and Fires

By: Andy Dishroon
Album Views: 6,717
Track Geometry Cars/Trains

By: corvette
Album Views: 6,708

By: John West
Album Views: 6,704
This album is for me to dream. Hopefully I will visit before it is too late.

By: Ken Paul
Album Views: 6,686
CSX Montreal Subdivision

By: Joe Hance
Album Views: 6,650
Photos from the CSX Montreal Subdivision, past and present.
Trains and Plains

By: Michael
Album Views: 6,646
ALCOs of New York

By: Lester Zmudzinski
Album Views: 6,636
New York state has the largest number of ALCO diesel locomotives working in everyday service. Here are some of them. Soon I hope to chronicle all of them.
China Shots

By: Michael Biehn
Album Views: 6,625
Trams in Eastern Europe

By: Vladislav Khindual
Album Views: 6,606

By: ydn8701
Album Views: 6,594
Steam I've Seen

By: John Higginson
Album Views: 6,588
I've been fortunate enough to see many operating steam locomotives. This album contains one representative shot of each steam locomotive I've photographed in action and uploaded to this website since beginning digital photography in 2004.
In the "Great" State of California

By: John Westfield
Album Views: 6,585
Photos of the vast majority of trains that operate in California.

By: CMiner
Album Views: 6,581
Trains on Bridges - Illinois

By: Ellis Simon
Album Views: 6,580
Stormy Trains

By: MaryAnn Norvik
Album Views: 6,580
Trains in storms
GE Dash 7s

By: Joseph C. Hinson
Album Views: 6,580
My favorite photos I have seen on RP of these classic locomotives.

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 6,554
Rebuild F40s

By: John Westfield
Album Views: 6,552
Motive Power Industries and GMD of Canada have rebuilt the EMD F40PH. These rebuild F40s are slowly fading, but some can be seen in California and Canada.
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Trains

By: KD Rail Photography
Album Views: 6,547
Looking back at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Trains, and the story its have to tell!

By: Daniel Minaca
Album Views: 6,541
All exhibitions, special steams or cars circulations pictures of the French AJECTA association (www.ajecta.org).
Windows to the Past

By: Wayne Wanzor
Album Views: 6,536
A view into the past of the North American Railroad
Best Photos

By: Nishan
Album Views: 6,532

By: ydn8701
Album Views: 6,523
1970s Kodachromes

By: Ralph Back
Album Views: 6,515
Digital scans of some of my Kodachrome slides from the 1970s.
Vehicles on rail

By: Florin Moldovan
Album Views: 6,514
Vehicles on rail
(PRR) - Pennsylvania Railroad - (PRR)

By: Paul Bungard
Album Views: 6,492

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