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By: Craig Walker
Album Views: 5,760
The view one gets right before getting run over ...
Norfolk Southern

By: Amanda Oakes
Album Views: 5,753
Some of my favorite photos others have taken of the Norfolk Southern Railway
Mainline Thru The Rockies

By: Hiawatha Pete
Album Views: 5,726
A photo essay on passenger service along the route of the 'California Zephyr' during the Burlington/Rio Grande/Western Pacific and Amtrak eras
Trains on Bridges - Michigan

By: Ellis Simon
Album Views: 5,713
Back in time

By: Senna Forever
Album Views: 5,710
With beautiful old photo´s.
Land of the Hiawatha

By: JM Daubner
Album Views: 5,705
Milwaukee Road, current and past, including its successors.
Connecticut's Valley Railroad

By: Kevin Madore
Album Views: 5,696
An album of images showing 4 seasons of operation on the former New York, New Haven & Hartford Connecticut Valley Line.
Abandoned Amtrak

By: Michael Colacino
Album Views: 5,691
A plethora of Amtrak engines that are either already scrapped, are in deadlines, or they're in severe danger of being scrapped. Not all of the great engines from the past 43 years can be saved...
Phase III

By: ollie
Album Views: 5,689
Amtrak's best paint scheme
Cleveland Area

By: Brad Morocco
Album Views: 5,677
Favorite photos from Cleveland, Ohio

By: Pablo Majlis
Album Views: 5,668
Take a ride on the Reading

By: Mark Rosnick
Album Views: 5,660
Memories of the classic Monopoly railroad
Stormy trains

By: Markus Gmür
Album Views: 5,647
Trains with a lot of wind, clouds and waves
The Saiccor Steam Locomotives (Umkomaas)

By: SAR Connecta
Album Views: 5,643
Ex South African Railway Class 19D locomotives No. 2697 (Saiccor No. 1 - built by Borsig in 1938), No. 2633 (Saiccor No. 2 - built by Skoda in 1938) and No. 2767 (Saiccor No. 3 - built by Robert Stephenson and Hawthorns in 1945).
Norfolk and Western #611

By: Wayne Wanzor
Album Views: 5,640
An album with the best photos of the Spirit of Roanoke
Churches and Trains

By: Spencer T. Whitman
Album Views: 5,639
Two great things side-by-side: trains and a place to worship the Creator.

By: E.Glorg
Album Views: 5,634
Trams - old, prehistoric and modern
Trains on Bridges - West Virginia

By: Ellis Simon
Album Views: 5,616

By: Ausey stu
Album Views: 5,612
The Long Island Railroad that I remember

By: Paul F. De Luca
Album Views: 5,576
All LIRR, but the majority from the 1970's when I was a budding young railfan growing up in the area.
CN Newmarket Sub North in Winter 2013-2014

By: W. D. Shaw
Album Views: 5,573
Self-explanatory, mostly my own images but includes others' if I happen across them.
Railfanning Central Illinois

By: Robby Gragg
Album Views: 5,571
Photos taken while railfanning in central Illinois

By: shicoe30
Album Views: 5,565
Trains on the Canadian Pacific in Wisconsin
Trains and Baseball Stadiums

By: Craig Walker
Album Views: 5,556
... And, for fairness, I'll include stadiums for other sports as well ...
Chesapeake and Ohio

By: Rod Clark
Album Views: 5,546
(BN) - Burlington Northern Railroad - (BN)

By: Paul Bungard
Album Views: 5,545

By: Spencer T. Whitman
Album Views: 5,538
This album contains shots of trains on the beach or sea shore.
The best photos from New Zealand

By: Mazari Sharif
Album Views: 5,501
Great Lakes Rails

By: Torker
Album Views: 5,498
Trains from around the Great Lakes go here.
Along the River

By: ANO1onthe19
Album Views: 5,496
An album of fine pics of trains working along rivers.
(CP) - Canadian Pacific Railway - (CP)

By: Paul Bungard
Album Views: 5,441

By: Craig Williams
Album Views: 5,440
Great Cab Shots

By: Kyle
Album Views: 5,434
See the inside of a locomotive cab.

By: Amanda Oakes
Album Views: 5,434
Some of my favorite photos others have taken of Conrail
Wisconsin & Southern

By: Southie57
Album Views: 5,432
GE C40-8/W

By: Christian Stoll
Album Views: 5,417
Remembrance of the Locomotive that brought GE to the top.

By: Jerry N
Album Views: 5,416
Selected photos from Railpictures.net
GE Transportation

By: mtnclimberjoe
Album Views: 5,413
Photos from the GE Transportation plants in Erie, PA and Fort Worth, TX.

By: bnsf_fan
Album Views: 5,410
Favorite snow photos

By: icr
Album Views: 5,404
Depots and Stations

By: Joseph C. Hinson
Album Views: 5,382
Some still in use by the railroad, many not.
Spans the World

By: Hiawatha Pete
Album Views: 5,367
A photo essay documenting the Canadian Pacific Railway's freight & passenger service
NS Heritage Diesels

By: BurghMan
Album Views: 5,347
Photos of the NS Heritage Fleet.

By: YamaOfParadise
Album Views: 5,336
Photos featuring bridges, and showing the structure of it in detail.
Serves All Canada

By: Hiawatha Pete
Album Views: 5,329
A photo essay documenting the Canadian National Railway's freight & passenger service
Brasil - FCA Ferrovia Centro-Atlantica

By: John Russell
Album Views: 5,324
Model vs. Prototype

By: Nathan Richters
Album Views: 5,313
Some photos comparing scale models to the real thing.
GE Locos

By: JM Daubner
Album Views: 5,312
Trains pulled by modern GE locos, from Dash-9s onward. My favorite locos, probably because I worked for GE at Erie, PA.

By: Lee A. Lovern
Album Views: 5,312
The NS Clinton Industrial

By: Michael Harding
Album Views: 5,298
The Clinton Industrial runs from NS Airline yard in Toledo, Ohio to Ottawa Lake Michigan.

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