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Ellis Simon
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Location: Oceanside, NY

Camera Equipment
Camera Used: Canon EOS Rebel T3i
Lenses Used: Canon EFS 18-55, Canon EFS 55-250

Photo Albums
Amtrak Keystone ServiceAlbum Views: 426
Alabama Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 127
Trains of the Erie Lackawanna and predecessorsAlbum Views: 443
Amtrak Acela ExpressAlbum Views: 939
Amtrak Heartland FlyerAlbum Views: 365
Amtrak DowneasterAlbum Views: 390
Amtrak CapitolsAlbum Views: 380
One of the busiest regional intercity lines in the US. It links Sacramento, Oakland, and San Jose.
Amtrak CascadesAlbum Views: 923
From Vancouver, BC, to Eugene, OR, this route runs along stretches of Puget Sound and the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. The TALGO trainsets that were the line's backbone for many years were withdrawn from service after they were cited in the 2017 crash
Amtrak Illinois Zephyr and Carl SandburgAlbum Views: 85
Amtrak Illini and SalukiAlbum Views: 232
Serving the heart of Illinois, this pair of trains runs daily between Chicago and Carbondale. The names come from the team names of major universities along the way, University of Illinois in Champaign and Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.
Amtrak Hartford Line and Valley FlyerAlbum Views: 440
With double tracking, CT Rail, a new regional service, and restoration of Springfield Union Station, the Connecticut Valley line has become once more an exciting place for train watching.
Amtrak Michigan ServicesAlbum Views: 619
Amtrak has three routes that connect Michigan with Chicago, but none to the East or South. The routes are: Wolverine - Pontiac - Chicago; Blue Water - Port Huron - Chicago, and Pere Marquette - Grand Rapids - Chicago.
Amtrak Hiawatha ServiceAlbum Views: 315
Amtrak Missouri River RunnerAlbum Views: 230
Twice a day Amtrak connects the Show-Me State's two largest cities.
Amtrak Gone But Not ForgottenAlbum Views: 1,012
A look back at some of the Amtrak trains that no longer run.
Amtrak Lincoln ServiceAlbum Views: 347
Amtrak Ethan Allen ExpressAlbum Views: 306
Amtrak Empire ServiceAlbum Views: 1,219
From New York City to Niagara Falls Amtrak runs a fleet of fast, multiple-frequency trains that serve the heart of the Empire State.
Amtrak Silver MeteorAlbum Views: 816
Texas Pre-Amtrak Passenger TrainsAlbum Views: 325
Amtrak Silver StarAlbum Views: 596
Amtrak PalmettoAlbum Views: 340
Amtrak Northeast RegionalAlbum Views: 3,446
Amtrak CarolinianAlbum Views: 540
Amtrak City of New OrleansAlbum Views: 380
Amtrak PiedmontAlbum Views: 567
Amtrak VermonterAlbum Views: 576
The successor to the Montrealer, the Vermonter runs between St. Albans, Vt., and Washington, DC. Much of the northern part of the route runs along the Connecticut and White Rivers.
Amtrak Maple LeafAlbum Views: 455
This 500-plus mile day run connects the largest city in the United States with the largest city in Canada. Its route takes it through the Hudson and Mohawk River valleys and across Niagara Gorge.
Amtrak Auto TrainAlbum Views: 901
Amtrak's longest train takes passengers and their vehicles on an overnight trip between Florida and the Northeast while eliminating 850 miles of driving. It is popular with snowbirds and families.
Amtrak CardinalAlbum Views: 963
New York - Chicago the long way, via Washington, West Virginia, and Cincinnati.
Amtrak PennsylvanianAlbum Views: 853
Running between New York and Pittsburgh this day train is the only scheduled passenger train still operating over Horseshoe Curve.
Amtrak Lake Shore LimitedAlbum Views: 1,101
Plying the New York Central's Water Level Route this overnight train connects New York and Boston with Chicago.
Amtrak Capitol LimitedAlbum Views: 842
An overnight run between Washington and Chicago with beautiful scenery along the Potomac River and crossing the Allegheny Mountains.
Amtrak Texas EagleAlbum Views: 1,015
A long distance train between Chicago and San Antonio that serves several large cities along the route, including St. Louis, Little Rock, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin. Three times a week it carries through cars to Los Angeles via a connection with the S
Amtrak CrescentAlbum Views: 617
Amtrak took over the New York - New Orleans market when the Southern Railway discontinued its famed Southern Crescent. Following the same route, it takes two days and a night to connect the Big Apple with the Big Easy. The crossing of Lake Ponchartrain is
Amtrak Empire BuilderAlbum Views: 1,769
This train, which runs between Chicago and Seattle and Portland, takes its name from James J. Hill, who founded the Great Northern Railroad and extended it from Minnesota to the Pacific Coast.
Amtrak California ZephyrAlbum Views: 2,716
This popular route between Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area features crossings of two challenging mountain ranges, the Rockies and the Sierras.
Amtrak Southwest ChiefAlbum Views: 1,856
The heir to Santa Fe's legendary Super Chief plies its forbear's route from Chicago to Los Angeles every day.
Amtrak Sunset LimitedAlbum Views: 652
Oldest name train in continuous service and the first train to run coast to coast.
ATSF 3751Album Views: 546
A 4-8-4 once assigned to the Santa Fe's classiest trains now roams its former rails in California and Arizona.
Holiday TrainsAlbum Views: 3,687
A special part of the season for anyone who likes trains.
Virginia Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 721
Chesapeake & Ohio passenger trainsAlbum Views: 613
CSX Passenger Trains 1982 - 2020Album Views: 726
Heartland Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 847
A handful of operations can be found in the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.
Reading & Northern Passenger TrainsAlbum Views: 2,419
This smartly run regional carrier operates excursion trains using both steam and diesel power.
Amtrak in Colorado, 2021 - Album Views: 4,417
New York City Transit - QueensAlbum Views: 1,753
New York City Transit - BronxAlbum Views: 1,117
New York City Transit - BrooklynAlbum Views: 3,024
Amtrak Special Moves, 1971 - 2010Album Views: 936
Shore Line EastAlbum Views: 837
CT RailAlbum Views: 2,313
Trains on Bridges - District of ColumbiaAlbum Views: 961
Canadian National Passenger Trains in the United StatesAlbum Views: 1,274
OCS, excursions and special moves operated by CN in the USA.
Union Pacific Steam SpecialsAlbum Views: 2,097
Photos of Northern #844 and Challenger #3985 from around the UP system. For photos of Big Boy #4014 visit:https://www.railpictures.net/album/5262/
Metro North West of the HudsonAlbum Views: 1,198
Metro North Harlem LineAlbum Views: 1,630
Metro North New Haven Line in New York StateAlbum Views: 1,137
Amtrak in Pennsylvania, 2010 - DieselsAlbum Views: 2,800
The electrified Northeast Corridor and Keystone Corridor have the traffic. The Pennsylvanian and Capitol Limited routed, which are all diesel, have the scenery.
Pennsylvania Heritage Railroads and Museums - Pre 2011 - Steam Album Views: 2,511
Philadelphia TransitAlbum Views: 1,508
Trolleys, subways, PATCO, and the Norristown line.
Amtrak in Colorado, 1971 - 2010Album Views: 1,682
Amtrak in New Jersey, 1971 - 2000Album Views: 1,915
Amtrak in Illinois, 1971 - 2010Album Views: 2,629
METRA in Suburbia, 1985 - 2010Album Views: 1,365
Riding the Regionals - SoutheastAlbum Views: 1,400
Riding the Regionals - MidwestAlbum Views: 1,843
Although most only provide freight service, regional railroads have passenger operations; not only executive trains but also charity events and excursions.
Amtrak-on-Hudson, 1971 - 2000Album Views: 1,791
Amtrak in WyomingAlbum Views: 1,120
Even though Amtrak no longer serves the Cowboy State it had a strong presence in the past and trains occasionally detour through the state.
Penn Central Passenger TrainsAlbum Views: 4,119
The three biggest passenger carriers - Pennsylvania, New York Central, and New Haven - merged to create the ill-fated Penn Central, whose passenger losses and poor service led to the formation of Amtrak and state-owned commuter lines.
Boston Rail Transit - Past and PresentAlbum Views: 1,984
METRA in ChicagoAlbum Views: 2,725
Amtrak Special Moves, 2011 -Album Views: 6,913
Charters, specials and the American Orient Express
Riding the Regionals - West of the MississippiAlbum Views: 2,099
Amtrak Coast StarlightAlbum Views: 9,077
Running daily between Seattle and Los Angeles, this train offers running alongside the Pacific Ocean and through the Cascade Mountains. It has been one of Amtrak's long-distance success stories.
Amtrak in Pennsylvania, 2010 - , ElectricsAlbum Views: 5,811
Since 2010 Pennsylvania got an upgraded Keystone Corridor as Siemens ACS-64 Charger locomotives replaced the venerable AEM-7.
Union Pacific #4014 (Big Boy)Album Views: 11,390
The restoration and system tour of Union Pacific Big Boy #4014 was the big story of the year, drawing out fans and bystanders by the thousands.
Wisconsin Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 3,632
Amtrak in WisconsinAlbum Views: 4,798
The Empire Builder crosses the state on its way to St. Paul, Seattle and Portland. The Hiawatha Corridor between Milwaukee and Chicago is one of Amtrak's busiest routes.
C&NW and MILW: Upper Midwest RivalsAlbum Views: 3,638
Baltimore & Ohio Long-Distance Passenger TrainsAlbum Views: 3,339
In its heyday, B&O ran passenger service from Jersey City to Washington, Chicago and St. Louis. But it couldn't compete with the Pennsylvania or New York Central. By the time Amtrak was formed, its trains were a shadow of their former selves.
West Virginia Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 2,959
Mountain scenery and steam operations like the Cass Scenic RR make West Virginia a draw for rail buffs.
Amtrak in West VirginiaAlbum Views: 3,446
Powerful members of Congress once helped this scenic state get levels of service not seen elsewhere. Now the Capitol Limited and Cardinal are all that remain.
Amtrak in Washington stateAlbum Views: 5,095
With two sections of the Empire Builder, the Coast Starlight, Seattle, the Cascade Mountains, Columbia Valley and Puget Sound, Washington state offers rail buffs plenty of variety and beauty.
Amtrak in VirginiaAlbum Views: 6,669
With Northeast Regional trains, Auto Train and long distance service to Florida, New Orleans and Chicago, a lot of train riding and train watching can be had.
Vermont Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 2,617
The Green Mountain state is the perfect setting for great train riding and photography, especially in the fall.
Amtrak in UtahAlbum Views: 3,692
Utah is served only by the California Zephyr, but the state has numerous photo locations and wide open spaces.
Texas Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 3,450
Rock Island Rocket ReduxAlbum Views: 6,813
The Rock Island was an also-ran in the markets it served competing the likes of the Santa Fe Super Chief and Burlington Denver Zephyr, but it did its best to put on a good show.
Texas Commuter Rail and TransitAlbum Views: 2,848
Austin, Houston and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex all have new rail lines.
Amtrak in TexasAlbum Views: 3,802
The Lone Star State is big on route mileage but small on passenger service with only three routes for the second biggest state by size and population. Offerings include the Sunset Limited, Texas Eagle and Heartland Flyer.
Tennessee Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 4,736
See Southern steam in Knoxville and Chattanooga and Knoxville and EMD E8 diesels in New York Central classic lightning stripe dress in Nashville.
Amtrak in TennesseeAlbum Views: 1,845
The City of New Orleans stops in Memphis Tennessee, but you don't need to change cars.
Amtrak in Rhode IslandAlbum Views: 1,701
The smallest state is home to the fastest track in North America and the largest city between Boston and New York.
Western Pennsylvania Commuter Rail and TransitAlbum Views: 3,093
Pittsburgh no longer has commuter trains and Johnstown no longer has trolleys, but light rail remains strong in Pittsburgh. Mr. Rogers would be pleased.
Philadelphia Commuter Rail Album Views: 6,645
Trains of SEPTA and predecessors - Pennsylvania, Reading, Penn Central, Conrail, SEPTA.
Pennsylvania Heritage Railroads and Museums - Diesel and ElectricAlbum Views: 6,417
Diesel-powered tourist lines can be found in all corners of the state.
Pennsylvania Heritage Railroads and Museums, 2011 - Steam Album Views: 10,628
Pennsylvania is home to the famous Strasburg Railroad and several other lines that use steam power.
Amtrak in Pennsylvania, 2000 - 2009Album Views: 5,162
The 21st Century brought the age of Acela and the discontinuance of the Three Rivers as Amtrak focused more on corridors and less on long haul.
Amtrak in Pennsylvania, 1971 - 1999Album Views: 4,431
An era of great change for the fledgling carrier with GG1s, Metroliners, E60s, AEM-7s, E8s, SDP-40s, F40PHs, P42DCs, the Broadway Limited, Capitol Limited, National Limited and more.
Pacific Northwest Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 3,390
Pacific Northwest Transit and Commuter RailAlbum Views: 2,771
Portland and Seattle are transit-friendly cities and getting friendlier.
Amtrak in OregonAlbum Views: 4,094
See the Coast Starlight in the Cascade Mountains as well as green and brown Cascade Talgo trains running between Eugene, Portland and Seattle.
Ohio Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 3,683
Amtrak in OhioAlbum Views: 2,184
Overnight schedules with inconvenient calling times limit opportunities for good photos - unless the train is running very late.
New York City Transit - Manhattan and Staten IslandAlbum Views: 5,878
One of the world's oldest and busiest subway systems, serving more than four million riders daily.
Carolina Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 4,963
Amtrak in the CarolinasAlbum Views: 6,009
Three north-south routes cross the Carolinas. Auto Train runs through here, too. Also, the State of North Carolina sponsors the Piedmont service and supports the Carolinian.
Metro North PredecessorsAlbum Views: 3,312
Conrail, Erie Lackawanna, New Haven, New York Central and Penn Central ran exotic equipment - but very road worn and run down.
Metro North Hudson Line and New York CityAlbum Views: 9,104
With three lines radiating north out of Grand Central Terminal plus service to Port Jervis on the former Erie, Metro North covers a wide swatch of New York's northern suburbs with varying terrains.
Long Island Rail Road - EMU TrainsAlbum Views: 5,045
The nation's busiest passenger railroad depends every day on a fleet of nearly 1,000 multiple unit cars to bring hundreds of thousands of commuters to and from their jobs.
Long Island Rail Road - Diesel TrainsAlbum Views: 6,026
Locomotive-hauled trains extend LIRR service from Midtown New York to the eastern reaches of the North and South Forks. Power has gone through four generations since steam service ended.
New York State Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 4,739
The scenic Adirondack and Catskill Mountains offer wonderful views, but political forces have made it difficult for railroads to stay in business.
Amtrak Northeast Corridor in New York StateAlbum Views: 4,070
The Northeast Corridor cuts through four New York counties on its brief stretch to the Connecticut Line east of Port Chester. There are several photo opportunities along the route.
Amtrak Across New York StateAlbum Views: 5,391
Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited runs from one end of New York to the other sharing CSX's busy Chicago line with the Maple Leaf and Empire Corridor trains.
Amtrak Adirondack and PredecessorsAlbum Views: 4,083
The Adirondack follows both the Hudson and the Lake Champlain shoreline on its leisurely trip between New York and Montreal. When it started, it was pulled by beautiful ALCO PAs purchased by Delaware & Hudson second-hand from the Santa Fe.
Amtrak-on-Hudson, 2001 - presentAlbum Views: 9,396
The beautiful Hudson Valley is rarely out of site between New York and Albany-Rensselaer on Amtrak's busy Empire Corridor.
Pennsylvania Railroad Long-Distance Passenger TrainsAlbum Views: 4,329
The Pennsy was one of the biggest passenger carriers in the United States, but its fortunes waned and it lost business to the highways and skies, and stumbled toward its ill-fated merger with the New York Central.
Cumbres & Toltec in New MexicoAlbum Views: 3,205
The narrow-gauge steam line from Chama climbing Cumbres Pass has exceptional scenery and is easy to chase.
Amtrak in New MexicoAlbum Views: 6,646
The Southwest Chief is an under-appreciated train. The New Mexico scenery is like none other in the entire system.
New Jersey's Other Commuter Lines - Metro North, PATCO, PATH and SEPTAAlbum Views: 3,217
Two rapid transit lines, PATCO and PATH, take commuters to Philadelphia and New York, respectively. Metro North locomotives and rolling stock often show up on NJ Transit northern lines and SEPTA terminates routes in Trenton and West Trenton.
New Jersey Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 3,779
Several fine operations from north to south.
Garden State Through Passenger Trains Before AmtrakAlbum Views: 3,193
The Pennsylvania and (later) Penn Central dominated the market but Baltimore & Ohio, Erie and Lackawanna all competed for the Garden State passenger trade.
New Jersey Commuter Rail Before NJ TransitAlbum Views: 5,721
Thanks largely to mergers and bankruptcies, New Jersey's commuter railroads underwent profound changes between the end of steam and the takeover by NJ Transit in 1983.
NJ Transit - Atlantic City LineAlbum Views: 1,896
NJ Transit - Pascack Valley LineAlbum Views: 2,694
NJ Transit - Bergen County LineAlbum Views: 2,211
NJ Transit - Main LineAlbum Views: 3,545
NJ Transit - Montclair/Booton LineAlbum Views: 3,871
NJ Transit - Morris & Essex LineAlbum Views: 5,683
NJ Transit - Gladstone BranchAlbum Views: 3,699
NJ Transit - Raritan Valley LineAlbum Views: 3,935
NJ Transit - Northeast CorridorAlbum Views: 6,893
NJ Transit - North Jersey Coast LineAlbum Views: 3,435
NJ Transit - Light RailAlbum Views: 2,021
Amtrak in New Jersey, 2001 - presentAlbum Views: 9,252
The stretch of the Northeast Corridor between the Hudson and Delaware Rivers is probably the busiest line in the entire Amtrak system.
New Hampshire Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 5,100
Beautiful mountain scenery has made this small state a draw for rail buffs to ride the Mount Washington Cog Railway and the Conway Scenic, among others.
Mountain State Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 5,581
Operations in Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming including the Nevada Northern and Heber Valley.
Amtrak in NevadaAlbum Views: 2,209
The California Zephyr comes through in late night/early morning.
Union Pacific Passenger Trains Before AmtrakAlbum Views: 3,741
The Union Pacific fielded lengthy yellow domeliners that connected the Midwest with the Pacific Coast as well as secondary services that included mixed trains that lasted until Amtrak began.
Trains of Burlington Northern and PredecessorsAlbum Views: 4,220
Although BN spent just 14 months as a passenger carrier, it maintained the high standards of Burlington's Denver Zephyr, Great Northern's Empire Builder and Northern Pacific's North Coast Limited.
Amtrak in MontanaAlbum Views: 3,214
The Empire Builder crosses Big Sky County every day, passing along the way through scenic Glacier National Park.
Missouri Passenger Service Before AmtrakAlbum Views: 3,481
Several railroads criss-crossed the state, making for colorful and varied passenger service in the years before Amtrak.
Amtrak in MissouriAlbum Views: 3,355
The Show-Me State play host to the Missouri River Mules, Southwest Chief and Texas Eagle.
Amtrak in MississippiAlbum Views: 2,166
Where the City of New Orleans and Crescent are "rolling down to the sea."
Amtrak in AlabamaAlbum Views: 2,415
The Crescent has replaced the Floridian as the mainstay of Amtrak service in this state.
Minnesota Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 3,332
Plenty of opportunities to ride and shoot.
Amtrak in MinnesotaAlbum Views: 3,362
It's all Empire Builder with scenes from the city and country.
New York Central: Lightning Stripes and Cigar BandsAlbum Views: 4,372
The Central's Great Steel Fleet fielded such famous trains as the Twentieth Century Limited and Empire State Express. The railroad also had extensive commuter service in New York and Boston and served travelers along numerous branch lines.
Michigan Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 2,127
Enjoy dinner trains, narrow-gauge steam and antique engines operating at Henry Ford's Greenfield Village.
Amtrak in MichiganAlbum Views: 2,928
Routes from Chicago to Detroit, Pontiac, Port Huron and Grans Rapids mean plenty of action and good locations.
Massachusetts Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 3,310
Boston Commuter Rail - Past and presentAlbum Views: 6,170
Many of the MBTA services date back to the Boston & Maine, New Haven, New York Central and Penn Central.
Amtrak in MassachusettsAlbum Views: 5,042
Once treated like a backwater with decrepit locomotives, cars and track, Massachusetts has become a star in the Amtrak constellation with electrification to Boston, service to Maine and an upgraded Connecticut Valley line.
Iowa PacificAlbum Views: 2,458
Ed Ellis' rail holding company brought the brown and orange colors of the Illinois Central back to life on its varied passenger operations around the country.
Maryland Commuter Rail and TransitAlbum Views: 3,784
From B&O RDCs to MARC bilevel coaches pulled by electric locomotives and diesels, the Maryland commuting scene has evolved, while trolleys, aka light rail vehicles, are back.
Maryland Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 3,779
With museums in Eastern Maryland and steam excursions in Western Maryland there is plenty of variety to see, ride and shoot.
Amtrak in MarylandAlbum Views: 5,491
Lots of acton one of the busiest - and fastest - sections of the Northeast Corridor plus the Capitol Limited going through Harpers Ferry, Sand Patch Tunnel and more.
Maine Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 3,483
Home to restored 2-foot gauge steam locomotives and the oldest trolley museum in the country.
Amtrak Northern New England ServicesAlbum Views: 3,325
When Amtrak began, it served none of the three northern New England states. Today, all have service and there is talk of expansion.
Amtrak in LouisanaAlbum Views: 2,589
With three Amtrak long-distance routes terminating in New Orleans, there are plenty of locations for great shots.
Kentucky Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 2,382
The Bluegrass State hosts several fine museums, tourist trains and a dinner train, all bound to delight rail buffs.
Amtrak in KentuckyAlbum Views: 1,706
Kentucky hasn't been lucky with Amtrak. The Floridian and Kentucky Cardinal are gone. The Cardinal runs only three times a week. The City of New Orleans passes through in the middle of the night. Yet, there are still many good views to be seen.
Amtrak in the Heartland and ArkansasAlbum Views: 2,670
The wide open spaces of the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma have little service - one train for the entire state. South Dakota has none.
Heartland Passenger Trains Before AmtrakAlbum Views: 6,667
Views from the Dakotas, Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma
Iowa Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 2,666
There's something for everyone: Chinese steam locomotives, diesels, interurbans and more.
Amtrak Across IowaAlbum Views: 2,241
The California Zephyr cuts across the state at night on its way west, but runs in daylight while heading east. The Southwest Chief runs through the Southeast corner of Iowa, stopping only in Fort Madison.
MILW 261Album Views: 3,291
A midwestern favorite.
Rio Grande ZephyrAlbum Views: 4,423
A remnant of the original California Zephyr, this train offered great dining and many as five Vista-Dome cars for viewing the Rocky Mountain Scenery. It was the last train to be replaced by Amtrak.
Rockets Rolling OnAlbum Views: 6,034
The Rock Island was one of three railroads not to join Amtrak. Its remaining Rocket trains remained in service almost until the railroad became part of history.
The Original Auto TrainAlbum Views: 1,611
An innovative idea that became successful but grew too fast, plus the gaudiest paint scheme of all time.
Indiana Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 2,248
Indiana Passenger Trains Before AmtrakAlbum Views: 2,546
The Monon, aka the Hoosier Line, was the hometown favorite.
Amtrak in IndianaAlbum Views: 4,783
Several long-haul and intercity lines run through the Hoosier State.
Railroads of HawaiiAlbum Views: 1,742
You think there would be no trains in Paradise? Think again. (Hawaii. Not Pennsylvania.)
Riding the Regionals - NortheastAlbum Views: 6,626
Although most only provide freight service, regional railroads have passenger operations; not only executive trains but also charity events and excursions.
Canadian Pacific Passenger Trains in the United StatesAlbum Views: 3,590
CP specials, including steam, executive trains and the famed Holiday Train, frequently can be seen south of the border.
Midwest Commuter Rail and Transit Beyond ChicagoAlbum Views: 2,932
New systems are coming online in major cities throughout the Midwest.
South Shore Line - The Last InterurbanAlbum Views: 3,331
While it's interurban line brethren have all bit the dust, the Chicago, South Shore & South Bend is stronger than ever.
Chicago Transit AuthorityAlbum Views: 4,168
A colorful system of subway and elevated trains that come by so often "you won't even notice it."
Chicago Commuting Before METRAAlbum Views: 6,326
Several Chicago railroads, including Burlington, Chicago & Northwestern, Illinois Central, Milwaukee Road and Rock Island, provided extensive service to and from the Chicago suburbs.
METRA in Suburbia: 2011 -Album Views: 7,944
Chicago's huge commuter rail system incorporates routes previously operated by Chicago & Northwestern, Milwaukee Road, Burlington, Illinois Centrak, Rock Island, Gulf Mobile & Ohio and Wabash (N&W).
Illinois Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 4,791
Some of the country's best railroad museums are to be found here. Occasionally, their best trains get out on the road.
Illinois Passenger Trains Before AmtrakAlbum Views: 11,911
To the North, South, East and West, the Land of Lincoln offered plenty of colorful passenger trains.
Amtrak in Illinois, 2011 -Album Views: 6,737
Plenty of action away from the Windy City.
Amtrak in ChicagoAlbum Views: 4,724
45+ years of passenger action in the system's hub.
Van Swearingen (C&O, NKP, PM) Berkshires (2-8-4)Album Views: 5,650
The Van Swearingen Brothers standarized freight power for their railroads with nearly identical 2-8-4 Berkshires. Two of these engines are still in excursion service.
Northeast Corridor Before AmtrakAlbum Views: 3,612
The Pennsylvania, New Haven and, later, Penn Central put on quite a show.
Southern Commuter Rail and TransitAlbum Views: 3,560
New light rail and commuter lines are popping up in the South, joining the ranks of stalwarts NOPSI and MARTA.
N&W SteamAlbum Views: 8,143
When Norfolk & Western merged with the Southern Railway, two of its locomotives, #611 and #1218, were fired up and used on excursions.
BrightlineAlbum Views: 2,978
Now running between Orlando and Miami, this privately held high-speed passenger railroad is expanding with plans to add service to Tampa and between Las Vegas and Southern California.
Southern Railway SteamAlbum Views: 6,134
Norfolk Southern Passenger SpecialsAlbum Views: 10,138
With matched F-units hauling Tuscan red varnish NS' specials make a sharp impression wherever they go.
Georgia Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 4,319
Tourist railroads can be found around the state offering varying action.
Amtrak in GeorgiaAlbum Views: 2,961
Amtrak's Auto Train, Crescent, Palmetto and Silver Service all run in the Peach State.
Florida Commuter Rail and TransitAlbum Views: 3,459
Colorful Tri-Rail and SunRail commuter service plus the Miami Metro off many opportunities to catch the action.
Southern CrescentAlbum Views: 3,381
The Southern Railway was one of three US railroads that decided not to join Amtrak in 1971. Its flagship train, the Southern Crescent, Washington - New Orleans, set the standard for passenger rail service in the US for most of the 1970s.
Passenger Trains of the South Before AmtrakAlbum Views: 8,916
A colorful and diverse group of railroads operated passenger trains in the South that ranged from speedy limiteds like the Panama Limited and Silver Meteor to regional and branchline services.
Florida Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 2,666
Amtrak in FloridaAlbum Views: 6,300
See the Auto Train and Silver Service trains plus services gone but not forgotten like the Floridian and Sunset Limited.
Capital Commute - Now and ThenAlbum Views: 4,440
From DC Transit Trolley to subways and commuter rail, the Capital's has changed dramatically.
Amtrak in DCAlbum Views: 2,739
A wide variety of action in our nation's capital, also home to Amtrak's Union Station headquarters.
Wilmington & WesternAlbum Views: 2,746
This northern Delaware tourist railroad is home to one of the few operating 4-4-0 steam locmotives in the world.
Delaware CommutersAlbum Views: 2,055
SEPTA serves Wilmington and two other Delaware stations, MARC and NJ Transit trains occasionally pass through.
Amtrak in DelawareAlbum Views: 2,476
Amtrak's Northeast Corridor cuts across the northern end of Delaware. Go to the cafe car for a coffee and you might miss it. The state may be small but among Acelas, regional trains and long distance there is plenty of action.
Connecticut Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 5,125
See action on the steam-powered Valley Railroad and diesels on the Naugatuck.
Metro North in ConnecticutAlbum Views: 8,791
Amtrak in ConnecticutAlbum Views: 7,250
See how two of the busiest routes on the Amtrak network have evolved since the railroad started in 1971.
Mountain States Commuter Rail and TransitAlbum Views: 4,417
Colorado, New Mexico and Utah are now home to light rail and commuter rail.
Colorado SteamAlbum Views: 8,828
See why railroads like the Durango & Silverton and Cumbres & Toltec draw steam buffs to Colorado from around the world.
Colorado Passenger Trains Before AmtrakAlbum Views: 5,477
Plenty of passenger action among Burlington, Colorado & Southern, Missouri Pacific, Rio Grande, Rock Island, Santa Fe and Union Pacific.
Colorado's diesel heritage railroads Album Views: 4,859
While Colorado's narrow gauge steam railroads are the major draw, the state is also home to several diesel-powered tourist railroads that take passengers to the Royal Gorge and other sites.
Ski TrainAlbum Views: 4,266
The Winter Park Ski Train has taken generations of Denverites to the slopes. Started by the Rio Grande and now operated by Amtrak, it's the best way to get there.
Amtrak in Colorado, 2011 - 2020Album Views: 10,034
Two Amtrak routes serve the Centennial State. The California Zephyr's route through Moffat Tunnel and along the Colorado River goes from one end of the state to the other. The Southwest Chief cuts across the southeast corner.
The Original California ZephyrAlbum Views: 4,021
Burlington, Rio Grande and Western Pacific joined forces to run one of the most beautiful and innovative trains in the country, the California Zephyr. It ran from 1949-1970 but was widely recognized as one of the premiere trains in the West.
Southern California Rail TransitAlbum Views: 2,735
The land of the freeway is home to a subway and light rail.
Southern California Commuter RailAlbum Views: 7,174
Los Angeles' Metrolink and San Diego's Coaster are getting Californians out of their cars and onto trains.
Northern California Transit: cable cars, trolleys, light rail and BARTAlbum Views: 2,814
Trolleys and LRVs abound in the region along with San Francisco's famed cable car system and the BART heavy rail line.
California Heritage Railroads and MuseumsAlbum Views: 4,826
From the vineyards of Napa Valley to the canyons of the Coastal Range to famed theme parks like Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm, California's tourist railroads and museums offers a wide variety of experiences for the rail enthusiast.
Amtrak San JoaquinsAlbum Views: 5,268
From one train each way in 1973 between Bakersfield and Oakland when it started up, this line as expanded to six trips daily; four to Oakland and two to Sacramento.
Amtrak Transcontinentals in CaliforniaAlbum Views: 8,480
California-bound rail travelers from the east have three choices to reach the Golden State: California Zephyr, Southwest Chief, Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle. A look back through the years including the now-defunct Desert Wind
Amtrak Surf Line: Pacific Surfliners and San DiegansAlbum Views: 10,456
Stretching from San Luis Obispo to San Diego, the Surf Line has become Amtrak's second busiest route. See the Pacific Surfliner and San Diegan in action along with trains from predecessors Santa Fe and Southern Pacific.
American Freedom TrainAlbum Views: 4,078
Three different steam locomotives hauled this special created to celebrate America's Bicentennial as it crisscrossed the United States.
Northern California Commuter RailAlbum Views: 4,148
Where once there was only one commuter carrier, Southern Pacific between San Jose and San Francisco, today there are three: Caltrain (former SP), Altamont Commuter Express, and the newest, SMART (Sonoma-Marin Rapid Transit).
Southern Pacific Daylight GS-4 #4449Album Views: 6,542
This powerful and beautiful 4-8-4 Northern type steam locomotive hauled the Coast Daylight and other SP varnish. It came back from retirement to haul numerous specials and excursions, including the American Freedom Train.
Kansas City Southern's Southern Belle business trainAlbum Views: 4,205
KCS honors its passenger flagship with a spiffy business train hauled by three FP9s.
Union Pacific Diesel SpecialsAlbum Views: 13,634
See beautiful diesel locomotives in UP's traditional armour yellow livery and special commemorative paint schemes pulling long trains of yellows cars reminiscent of the days when UP domeliners seemed to go Everywhere West.
Southern Pacific StreamlinersAlbum Views: 9,336
In the years after World War II Southern Pacific went from being the most bullish railroad on passenger service to one of its biggest detractors. It continually downgraded service until Amtrak took over what remained.
Conrail's Crown JewelsAlbum Views: 2,236
Conrail's business train, decked out in Pullman green and deluxe gold and hauled by as many as three EMD E-8s, was a class act.
CSX Passenger Trains 2021-Album Views: 8,265
CSX has extensive passenger operations that include office car specials, trips to major events like the Kentucky Derby, track geometry trains and the annual Santa Claus train over the northern section of the fallen flag Clinchfield Railroad.
To the Grand Canyon by RailAlbum Views: 3,872
The Grand Canyon Railroad, operating a 64-miles former Santa Fe branch to the eponymous natural wonder, is one of the best tourist railroads in the United States. It operates both steam and diesel locomotives.
BNSF Passenger TrainsAlbum Views: 4,955
Though it is a Class I freight carrier, BNSF maintains a fleet of passenger cars for business trains, employee specials and entertaining VIPs.
Remember Santa Fe WarbonnetsAlbum Views: 10,871
The Santa Fe's warbonnet paint scheme on passenger diesel locomotives was one of the most iconic in railroading. It appealed to travelers and modellers alike, and helped brand Santa Fe all the way from Chicago to California and Texas.
Amtrak in ArizonaAlbum Views: 2,879
The northerly Southwest Chief and southerly Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle cross the state and give riders a taste of desert scenery.
Discover Alaska by RailAlbum Views: 2,059
The beauty of America's 49th state is unequaled. Enjoy it with these views of Alaska's best trains: Denali Star, Coastal Classic, Glacier Discovery, Aurora Winter Train and White Pass & Yukon.
Iconic Railroad BridgesAlbum Views: 8,204
The best of the best trains on bridges.
Classic RS-3sAlbum Views: 6,638
ALCO RS-3 locomotive in classic paint schemes.
Trains on Bridges - HawaiiAlbum Views: 2,128
Trains on Bridges - AlaskaAlbum Views: 5,585
Trains on Bridges - CaliforniaAlbum Views: 22,727
Trains on Bridges - OregonAlbum Views: 18,863
Trains on Bridges - WashingtonAlbum Views: 19,307
Trains on Bridges - ArizonaAlbum Views: 8,044
Trains on Bridges - NevadaAlbum Views: 3,966
Trains on Bridges - UtahAlbum Views: 5,406
Trains on Bridges - IdahoAlbum Views: 8,058
Trains on Bridges - New MexicoAlbum Views: 5,774
Trains on Bridges - ColoradoAlbum Views: 15,349
Trains on Bridges - WyomingAlbum Views: 8,677
Trains on Bridges - MontanaAlbum Views: 11,835
Trains on Bridges - TexasAlbum Views: 13,967
Trains on Bridges - OklahomaAlbum Views: 5,710
Trains on Bridges - KansasAlbum Views: 5,321
Trains on Bridges - NebraskaAlbum Views: 5,059
Trains on Bridges - South DakotaAlbum Views: 5,945
Trains on Bridges - North DakotaAlbum Views: 5,640
Trains on Bridges - LouisianaAlbum Views: 7,667
Trains on Bridges - ArkansasAlbum Views: 6,398
Trains on Bridges - MissouriAlbum Views: 9,537
Trains on Bridges - IowaAlbum Views: 13,946
Trains on Bridges - MinnesotaAlbum Views: 21,608
Trains on Bridges - IllinoisAlbum Views: 23,782
Trains on Bridges - WisconsinAlbum Views: 18,480
Trains on Bridges - MississippiAlbum Views: 7,302
Trains on Bridges - IndianaAlbum Views: 10,648
Trains on Bridges - MichiganAlbum Views: 13,229
Trains on Bridges - AlabamaAlbum Views: 9,656
Trains on Bridges - TennesseeAlbum Views: 30,669
Trains on Bridges - KentuckyAlbum Views: 18,126
Trains on Bridges - West VirginiaAlbum Views: 16,443
Trains on Bridges - OhioAlbum Views: 25,915
Trains on Bridges - FloridaAlbum Views: 11,577
Trains on Bridges - GeorgiaAlbum Views: 10,138
Trains on Bridges - South CarolinaAlbum Views: 7,301
Trains on Bridges - North CarolinaAlbum Views: 18,938
Trains on Bridges - VirginiaAlbum Views: 27,374
Trains on Bridges - MarylandAlbum Views: 7,615
Trains on Bridges - DelawareAlbum Views: 4,023
Trains on Bridges - PennsylvaniaAlbum Views: 41,836
Trains on Bridges - MaineAlbum Views: 6,651
Trains on Bridges - Rhode IslandAlbum Views: 3,431
Trains on Bridges - New HampshireAlbum Views: 9,743
Trains on Bridges - VermontAlbum Views: 10,570
Trains on Bridges - MassachusettsAlbum Views: 9,188
Trains on Bridges - ConnecticutAlbum Views: 7,940
Trains on Bridges - New JerseyAlbum Views: 14,259
Trains on Bridges - New YorkAlbum Views: 20,444
CSX River LineAlbum Views: 18,043
Connecticut Valley RailroadsAlbum Views: 31,711
Photos of trains on rail lines serving New England's Connecticut River Valley

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